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  • Corinna Howard

    ITB Networker of O&L Leisure Hotels & Lodges
    PR & Media Manager O&L Leisure Hotels and Lodges
    PR, Marketing and Communication, Media, Sales
    O&L Leisure Hotels and Lodges Namibia Luxury travel namibia Etosha Safari in Namibia Okhandja Kasane Caprivi Chobe River Chobe Water Villas Mokuti Etosha Lodge Midgard Country Estate Strand Hotel Swakopmund. O&L Leisure Hotels and Lodges own and manage 4 properties throughout Namibia. Chobe Water Villas, Strand Hotels Swakopmund, Midgard Country Estate and Mokuti Etosha Lodge. Our properties offer luxury accommodation, safaris, conferencing, activities on site and off site and a…
  • Naseer Massoun

    ITB Networker of Mohammad Naseer & Massoun consultancy
    Director, Project Manager
    Tourism Development Project: Our consultancy looks for firm/s which are interested to develope with us tourist industry in Afghanistan, which has huge potencial. We can offer interesting safe tours in the city of Kabul, Bamyan, Panshir and Herat. Please have a look in internet about these cities. There is good infrastructure/hospitality for tourist industry in the country.
  • Heiko Dörgeloh

    ITB Networker of About Africa Adventures, Tours & Travel
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
    B2B Affiliation for Destination Management and Tour Facilitation Destination Management offering Tour Facilitation through our extensive Bookings & Reservations Portfolio