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  • Pawel Mroziak

    ITB Networker of Sheraton Poznan Hotel
    Director of Sales
    Director, Sales
    Accomodation and catering in 5 star hotel in Poznan (Posen), Poland
  • Arek Banachowski

    ITB Networker of Fortuna Travel DMC
    Contracting & Purchasing Manager
    Hotels and Hotel Chains based in Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary). Also Restaurants and Tourist Attractions in these countries. Our clients are groups from Far East (Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia)
  • Naseer Massoun

    ITB Networker of Mohammad Naseer & Massoun consultancy
    Director, Project Manager
    Tourism Development Project: Our consultancy looks for firm/s which are interested to develope with us tourist industry in Afghanistan, which has huge potencial. We can offer interesting safe tours in the city of Kabul, Bamyan, Panshir and Herat. Please have a look in internet about these cities. There is good infrastructure/hospitality for tourist industry in the country.
  • Bogdan Gheorghe

    ITB Networker of Profitroom
    Connectivity Manager
    Consultant, IT, Project Manager
    Looking for distribution and technology Partners (OTA, wholeseller, touroperator, GDS, Meta, PMS, RMS, CRM, Channel manager and Other) Channel manager connection, booking engine, technology consulting services.