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  • Manager Zainab Sardar

    ITB Networker of Adventure Planners Pakistan
  • Sardar Sajjad Hussain

    ITB Networker of Bukhari Travels and Tourism Services
    Managing Director Bukhari Group
    Business Unit Manager, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer, Senior Project Manager
    1. Study Tours. 2. Sightseeing and Culture tours. 3. Medical tourism Bukhari Group having biggest travel network in the country, offers diversified tours as DMC in Pakistan:- 1. Buddhist Gandhara. 2. Sikh Religious Pilgrimage. 3. Sightseeing and Culture (diversified culture and terrain in Pakistan with highly hospitable and welcoming people) 4. History and Archaeology (over 5000 years old civilizations at Harappa and Moenjodaro; Gandhara civilization covering period 1-5 BCE) 5. Sightsee…
  • sadruddin sadruddin

    ITB Networker of Asian Gateways Pakistan
    Business Unit Manager, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer, Chairman
    We are looking for tour operators who need services in Pakistan. We are government licenced Tour Operator with vast experience and knowledge about the cultural and adventure tours of Pakistan. We can guarantee quality service on a reasonable rates. We are currently working with many reputed Tour Operators from all over the world.
  • Naseer Massoun

    ITB Networker of Mohammad Naseer & Massoun consultancy
    Director, Project Manager
    Tourism Development Project: Our consultancy looks for firm/s which are interested to develope with us tourist industry in Afghanistan, which has huge potencial. We can offer interesting safe tours in the city of Kabul, Bamyan, Panshir and Herat. Please have a look in internet about these cities. There is good infrastructure/hospitality for tourist industry in the country.
  • Shahid Hussain

    ITB Networker of Trango Adventure Pakistan
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
    Trango Adventure is a Leading Tour Operator In Pakistan which is Registered, Licence and regulated by the Government of Pakistan. We are one of the oldest Tour Operator In Pakistan, we have developed a deep understanding of the main sights & attractions, Conditions, hotels & lodges, Trekking and Tour routes throughout Gilgit Baltistan and Pakistan. Many of the experts predict PAKISTAN as the new Rising and Popular Destinations In coming years. Now it’s the right time to visit and Explore P…
  • Sher Ali

    ITB Networker of Prominent Gateways & Corridor Pvt Ltd
    Administration, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer, Chairman
    Experince to travel expert and networking Networking

    C E O
  • Sadruddin Hunzai

    ITB Networker of Asian Gateways Pakistan (treks-tours-holidays)
    Managing Director
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer, Chairman
    we are goverment licence tour operators in Pakisan and looking forward to getting in contact with outbound tour operators who offer adventure, culture and business travel trips to Pakistan and our neighbouring countries like China, Afghanistan, Iran and India for combination tours. we are offering a full range of adventure, culture and business travel related services with complete tour packages which include multi-lingual guides, hotel, transport, sightseeing and domestic and international air …
  • Naiknam Karim

    ITB Networker of Adventure Tours Pakistan
    Buyers, adventure outfitters, holidaymakers, individual tourist, travel agencies • Cultural & Heritage Tours • Wilderness & Short Treks • Day Hikes/Soft adventure • Mountaineering Expeditions • Geological, Scientific & Research Expeditions • Ski Trips and White-Water Rafting • Jeep, Horse, Camel & Yak Safaris • Cycling and Mountain Bike Tours • Religious/Pilgrimage Tours • Overland Journeys • Honeymoon Tours • Family Visits • Exhibitions & Conferences • Photograph and Filming…