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  • Operation Director Jelena Radivojević

    ITB Networker of Promont group doo, hotel PremierAqua 5*, Spa Resort Fruške terme 4 s*, Ethno complex Vrdnička kla 4*, Spa Vrdnik, Serbia
    Hotel manager
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer, PR, Marketing and Communication, Sales
    Our company would like to connect with a Tour operators, Travel agencies and to present our offers for Mice, Congress, Medical and Spa tourism. https://www.hotelpremieraqua.com/ https://www.frusketerme.com/index.html https://www.frusketerme.com/index.html https://www.etnoselo-vk.rs/vencanje/index.html Health & Spa Hotel PremierAqua 5*-Best innovative medical center for 2019 awarded by ESPA (Member of Resort Fruške terme) Conference & Spa Hotel Fruške terme 4s* ( Member ofREsort Fruške te…
  • Alyona Kovaleva

    ITB Networker of Ak Sai Travel
    PR, Marketing and Communication, Project Manager, Sales
    All kinds of programs in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan– starting from cultural tours for people interested in nomadic style of life and wild, untouched nature, as well as extreme tours like trekking, mountaineering, jeep tours, bike tours, horse riding, heli-skiing etc.
  • Geografiya.kg Elmira Davletbaeva

    ITB Networker of Geografiya
  • Marina Maljurić

    ITB Networker of Tourism organisation of The City of Novi Sad
  • Chingiz Batyrbekov

    ITB Networker of Køl Fest
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
    Companies, tour operators, individuals, organizations interested in working in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia region. We provide tourism expertise in Kyrgyzstan. We provide variety of services within Kyrgyztsan, mainly organize special interest tours and events for individual and corporate customers. We also partner with educational and sustainable tourism development organizations. Currently we run 2 major tourism events in Kyrgyzstan - music and arts festival on the lake, and Kyrgyzstan tourism …
  • Timur Turdubaev

    ITB Networker of 5 Stans Travel
    Head of Inbound Department
    Business Unit Manager, Senior Project Manager
    5 Stans Travel is a DMC (Destination Management Company) in Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan . We are looking for tour operators, agencies, partners from all around the world interested in offering Central Asian region! We offer a wide range of products and services in Central Asia from logistics, meals, accommodation, and transfer to the provision of a guide-interpreter, visas and visa support, airtickets, transportation etc. for your trip. Keepin…
  • Bo Thin

    ITB Networker of Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travels
    Operational Director
    Administration, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
  • Kyaw Myo Ko

    ITB Networker of Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travel
    Administration, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
    We are looking for outbound Tour Operators and travel agents to Mandalay and central Myanmar especially in tailor specialized tours of all the newly opened region of Central Myanmar, hiking, bird watching, cultural and community tours, sightseeing, bicycle tours, and ecotourism services etc., Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travel (MUL) is a Destination Management Company based in MANDALAY, the true tourist centre of Myanmar. We are industry leaders in designing experiential travel experiences i…
  • Asel Ismailova

    ITB Networker of Kyrgyz Guided Tours LLC
    Executive director
    Administration, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer, Chairman
    Cooperation with Travel agencies working for outgoing to Central Asia Silk Road & Kyrgyz Guided Tours is tour operator for Central Asia and offers adventure tours in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Usbekistan and other Cerntral Asia countries.
  • Asel Akmatova

    ITB Networker of Travel Land LLC
    Travel Land Kyrgyzstan is looking for travel agencies around the world that need a trusted partner in Kyrgyzstan and can provide Kyrgyzstan’s guests the same service in their destination. Tour packages in Kyrgyzstan