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  • Mario Barbato

    ITB Networker of Magica Italia Travel
    Owner & Managing Director
    Administration, Chairman
  • Dan Palmer

    ITB Networker of Dan Palmer Photo
    International Wildlife & Travel Photographer
    Blogger, PR, Marketing and Communication, Media
    Professional wildlife & travel photographer working internationally. Looking for tour operators, airlines, and tourism partners to work with on a long term basis creating unique and dynamic content through imagery and writing. As a wildlife & travel photographer/blogger, I create engaging stories and projects for the travel industry. Creating compelling and engaging content for social media, websites, and new brochure releases, for the promotion of travel companies and their brands. With a p…

    Hotel Manager
    Consultant, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer, Senior Project Manager
    Information in Marketing, Revenue Management, Software, New Market for my clients in Touristic Field Hotel Management and Consulting
  • Valerio Giovanni Russo

    ITB Networker of K' Nature
    Wildlife Biologist
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
    Tour operators and Travel Agencies interested in starting a collaboration for incoming eco-tours and for scientific shooltrips to discover Southern Italy's breathtaking Biodiversity and natural landscapes. K' Nature tours are all organized and guided by a scientific professional (zoologist, biologist, botanist, geologist). The opportunity to organize different type of nature-oriented itineraries and expeditions (wildlife tours, birdwatching tours, herping tours, whale whatching tours, mammal…
  • Danushka De Alwis

    ITB Networker of Wattura Resort & Spa
    Head Of Sales
    Wattura Resort & Spa is undoubtedly the utmost sophisticated holiday getaway nestled between Waikkal beach and Gin Oya estuary offering the ultimate luxury holiday experience. This award-winning luxury family resort is a remarkable masterpiece that unveils the warmth of the true Sri Lankan hospitality across serene waters and tropical vistas in Waikkal. The unique blend of gifting the best of both worlds is an absolute treat the guests would enjoy at Wattura Resort & Spa. The Kids Zone indoors…
  • director giuseppe Pipino

    ITB Networker of pipino giuseppe
    tourguide & transfer service in Campania Italy
  • Dr. Amelia Cuomo

    ITB Networker of Discover Cuomo srl - A love story for Pasta - Hall 1.2 Stand Italia
    Pasta Cuomo Experience in Gragnano (NA)
    Administration, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
    We search international travel company and tour operators interested to culinary and cultural tourism in south of Italy near Sorrento, Amalfi, Pompei, Napoles and Positano We are the only bicentenary Pasta Company in the world. We recover our identity 5 years ago and with my family we restarted from pasta production in Gragnano near the most important desinations in south of Italy. We offer: 1. Pasta Experience in the Historycal family museum that with Virtual Reality permit to the visitor…
  • Geologist Aniello Di Iorio

    ITB Networker of Di Iorio Geologist (Eurogeopark)
  • Dottore Emidio Ferrentino

    ITB Networker of Directa
  • General Manager Mirza Borham

    ITB Networker of De Silva Windresort
  • Flavia Vespa

    ITB Networker of La Mortella B&B
  • Roberto D'Alessandro

    ITB Networker of Touring Italy
    Owner & Founder
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer, Sales