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  • Dave Chan

    ITB Networker
    VP, Finance & Corp Development, APAC
    Distribution Technology: CRS, Internet Booking Engine, RMS & CRM.
  • Gen Khi (Irina) Li

    ITB Networker of "BI-TOMO" LLC
    General Director
    New business partners and clients. “Bi-tomo” company is one of the leading tour operators in Sakhalin Region; we have been working since 1997. We offer sightseeing, ecological, business and professional tours as well as Sakhalin railroad charter tours.We offer a wide range of services from transport services and accommodation to organization of serious themed events. In our work we pay a close attention to the safety and comfort level of organized tours.The motto of our company is not just offe…
  • Koryakina Olesya

    ITB Networker of Sakhalin Tourist Information Centre
  • Yulia Bak

    ITB Networker of Tour operator "Dream"
    • Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands-the Main riches are contained in unique natural complexes of great value. The natural conditions of the region are suitable for active recreation-diving, skiing, fishing. Ecotourism includes exploring the pristine nature of the Islands, marine animals and birds. And all the exoticism of the Far East can be experienced during ethnic tours to places where small indigenous people live-Nivkhs and Oroks.The Kuril Islands are home to numerous volcanoes, including activ…
  • Naseer Massoun

    ITB Networker of Mohammad Naseer & Massoun consultancy
    Director, Project Manager
    Tourism Development Project: Our consultancy looks for firm/s which are interested to develope with us tourist industry in Afghanistan, which has huge potencial. We can offer interesting safe tours in the city of Kabul, Bamyan, Panshir and Herat. Please have a look in internet about these cities. There is good infrastructure/hospitality for tourist industry in the country.