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  • Eytan Elterman

    ITB Networker of Lokal Travel
  • Randall Kaplan

    ITB Networker of Sandee
    Chief Executive Officer
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer, Chairman
  • Naseer Massoun

    ITB Networker of Mohammad Naseer & Massoun consultancy
    Director, Project Manager
    Tourism Development Project: Our consultancy looks for firm/s which are interested to develope with us tourist industry in Afghanistan, which has huge potencial. We can offer interesting safe tours in the city of Kabul, Bamyan, Panshir and Herat. Please have a look in internet about these cities. There is good infrastructure/hospitality for tourist industry in the country.
  • João Paulo

    ITB Networker of Kimkim Travel
    Destination Success Specialist
    Looking to connect with inbound agencies and operators who work B2C and design tailor-made trips for travelers (particularly the US market) Specifically looking for companies based in: Turkey, Israel, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Japan, Canada, United States, Mexico, Belize, Colombia, Australia and New Zealand. Kimkim (kimkim.com) is a platform that works with local travel companies to help FIT travelers create tailor-made trips (mostly English-speaking). We also provide various t…
  • Robert Hill

    ITB Networker of Downunderguru & Great Departures
  • Stephanie Weaver

    ITB Networker of TripActions
  • Josh Skoko

    ITB Networker of LBF Travel
    VP Marketing
    PR, Marketing and Communication
  • VP of Business Development Gene Khizver

    ITB Networker of Booking Vault - Air Wholesaler
    VP of Business Development
    Business Unit Manager
  • John Baumgartner

    ITB Networker of HipTraveler, Inc.
    CEO * Founder
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
  • Director Business Development Meg Mehta

    ITB Networker of Destination America
    Director Business Development
    Director, Sales
    Tour Operator for the America,.
  • Quynh Pham

    ITB Networker
  • Maria Haase

    ITB Networker of EuropeUpClose
    Travel Blogger & Photographer
    Press Trips and Campaigns EuropeUpClose.com was founded in 2007 to inspire readers about European destinations and help them plan their trip to Europe. Our 101000 unique monthly visitors and social media following of 53000 use EuropeUpClose to find out about the latest travel tips, itinerary suggestions, hotel recommendations, and inspiring travel stories. We also feature 1-2 non-European destinations each year. We offer: Professional Photography, Search Engine Optimized Content creation, St…