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  • Altus

    Full Pricing Insight on the Performance of 130.000+ Routes Altus gives you access to over 10 years of detailed historical airfares and enables you to conduct in-depth analysis to understand routes profitability. Altus has been designed on the basis of a drill-down approach, which supports the conversion of incredible amount of data into intuitive graphical representations and ready-to-use information.
  • Mohamed Dau

    ITB Networker of Libyan Wings Airlines
  • Raimonda Grigaite-Kjeldsen

    ITB Networker of Guestbook Consulting
    Service trainer and consultant
    I help hospitality establishments (hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.) improve their service delivery and guest experience. I am always looking for businesses, who wish to be the masters in service delivery and are ready to take necessary actions to improve. Also the partners and cooperators (such as destination tourism offices, educational institutions, tour operators and other businesses and professionals in the field) to work on common projects and create better world of hospitality. Training a…
  • Infare

    Infare is a leading data and technology partner for airlines, airports and online travel agents globally, providing high-quality airfare data feeds and advanced analysis tools to support revenue management, pricing and route development decisions. Infare has a global reach, with presence around the world and corporate headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Infare understands customers’ rapidly growing needs for airfare data and analysis at global and local level. For more information about Infare …
  • Pharos

    Total Market Insight for the Revenue Management Ecosystem Pharos is a game-changing business intelligence tool that lets airlines harness the full power of Infare’s fare data – the most comprehensive, rigorously vetted and trusted source in the world. Delivering total market insight, from real-time snapshots to classic demand curve analysis, Pharos is the key to the most profitable revenue management strategies.