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  • Brock Jeffrey

    ITB Networker of B&B Media
    Bloggers & Photographers
    Blogger, Media
    We’re a married couple that are photographers, videographers & influencers, the reason we call ourselves this is because we pride ourselves on being professional photographers before being influencers/bloggers. We have over 145,000 followers across all channels and over 1.5 million monthly impression. channels: Website: https://brockjeffrey.co.uk Instagram: @polar_Brock & @Betty_and_blooms Youtube: https://youtu.be/Vj88vricLxs We are offering content for clients to use world wide as we…
  • Dr. Renata Rizzo

    ITB Networker
    Sales and Marketing Europe
    Business Unit Manager, Buyer
    DMCs, Resorts, Sea and river cruises operators, luxury train, luxury services and experiences Plateau International is a boutique representative Company specialized in boutique and luxury travel. With more than 25 years experience in the industry, Plateau can develop your business in Europe and Australia thanks to its valuable network of contacts.
  • MR Alexander Scasny

    ITB Networker of Plateau International Ltd.
    Sales and Marketing Director
    Director, Sales
    Hotels, Resorts, River cruise lines, Cruise lines, Yachts, Tourism boards Sales, Marketing and PR representation