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  • Victoria Ade-Genschow

    ITB Networker of The British Berliner
    Editor in Chief
    Blogger, Media
    Organisations and travel partners that would be interested in my visiting and describing their destinations and projects in a unique, distinct, professional British way! I write in English however I speak and read fluent German. I aim to write about unique experiences that my readers might want to explore as most of my readers tend to come from the US, the UK , Germany, Canada, Australia, France, Holland, other European countries & are between the ages of 25-55 years old with an income of …
  • Tourism Manager Ericka Amurrio

    ITB Networker of Ventura Travel GmbH
    Flights Department Manager
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
    Airlines in Asia, Europe, America, Middle East
  • Jacqueline Arlt

    ITB Networker of Arlt Reisen
  • Gaby Barton

    ITB Networker of Gaby Barton Best Partner
    Promoter, Representativ,
    PR, Marketing and Communication
    Looking for a mandate to support business development of an international company in wellness / medical tourism towards the German language markets. Lots of experience since 2000. Check my website.
  • Peter Becker

    ITB Networker of Tourismus Marketing Service International
    Selbstständiger Unternehmer, Teilhaber, freier Beruf = Consultant, Lecturer, Project manager
    Partner and cooperation, especially concerning - Teaching, training, further education (English and Spanish) - Consulting concerning destinations, enterprises, tour opoerators, travel agencies, hotels ... - International projects, worldwide More than 30 years experience in tourism and travel branch worldwide Special knowlegde in - Marketing (concerning Germany, European markets and worldwide) - Cultural tourism - Active tourism - Health and spa tourism International network on four…
  • Emily Beckmann

    ITB Networker of Gallery of Steel Figures Berlin, Roslin GmbH
    Managing Director
    Director, PR, Marketing and Communication
    Kooperationen, Touroperator Touristenattraktion & Eventlocation
  • Franca Bertram

    Contact person of Shiji Group
    Global Corporate Event & Trade Show Manager
  • Franz J. Biesel

    ITB Networker
    Medical Spa & Wellness Expert, Consultant, Speaker
    Medical Spa & Wellness resorts, Associations, regional and national instutions to develop strategies in this segment, planning and launching projects and international sales and marketing activities Training, project development, consulting, sales and marketing strategies
  • Sylwia Buch

    ITB Networker of Born4Travel
    ITB Networker von Travel&Photografie - Born4Travel.de
    Kontakt zu Tourismus unternehmen, Destinationen, Airlines und Hotels die Interesse haben mit Websitebetreibern/Bloggern 50+ zu arbeiten. Authentische und selbsterlebte Reiseberichte, Hotel Reviews, Tipps für Städtereisen. Viele Reiseberichte u.a. Seychellen bei google auf Seite 1 gelistet.
  • Lara Budge

    ITB Networker of Context Travel
    Expansion Manager
    Context Travel provides learning-focused tours and activities in places of culture. We are spread across 6 continents and over 75 destinations. We are looking to keep on expanding our business in tandem with local guides and experts as well as DMC organizations. Provides high-quality tours and services in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Asia and Australasia and South Africa. Can offer transformational tours led by experts in over 60 cities.
  • Chamäleon

    Wir möchten Sie einladen, die Welt mit anderen Augen zu sehen. Nicht durch die Brille des Zaungastes, sondern mit dem Herzen. Erlebnisse aus Nähe, Faszination und Augenblicken voller Glück. So planen wir alle unsere Reisen, weil es nicht darum geht, dort gewesen zu sein. Weil es darauf ankommt, wieviel Sie mit nach Hause nehmen. Die Summe unvergleichlicher Momente, für die sich zu leben lohnt. Kommen Sie doch einfach mit.
  • Malte Clavin

    ITB Networker
    Travel Journalist, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief
    PR, Marketing and Communication, Media
    For both my print outlets (Germany, Austria, Switerland) and my travel magazine with >120,000 subscribers (WideOyster.com) I am looking for fascinating, challenging expeditions, adventures, countries, regions, stories worldwide for my articles, speeches, Keynotes, and photo & film shows. I offer access to tens of thousands of well-budgeted, adventure-hungry readers and travel enthusiasts in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands and the UK - wanting what YOU have to offer.