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  • Lara Ballard

    ITB Networker of Komodo Media
  • Caroline Faries

    Contact person of eRevMax Ltd.
    Account Director - Connectivity
    ITB Berlin 2020
  • Charlie Firebrace

    ITB Networker of Wonderhatch
    Head of Luxury Travel
    Consultant, Business Unit Manager, PR, Marketing and Communication
  • Funmi Le Moign

    ITB Networker of HTS Travel
    Managing Director
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
  • MSc, BSc, ARAeS Frankie Hing Lun Leung

    ITB Networker of Flight Directors (UK Best airline GSA)
    Commercial Manager
    Business Unit Manager, Sales
    I am managing the Business Research team of Flight Directors and make sure we create the best possible Sales and Marketing plan to our airline partners We grow the ticket sales for your airline in the Northern European markets
  • Adrian José Probst

    ITB Networker of Antias
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer, Sales
    Contacts in the car rental industry: Brokers, rental companies, rental software providers Our goal is to relieve costumers from depositing a security in the car rental business. This service is provided through the integration of the mentioned option into the booking system of the rental companies and us taking the risk for the security deposit.