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  • Victoria Ade-Genschow

    ITB Networker of The British Berliner
    Editor in Chief
    Blogger, Media
    Organisations and travel partners that would be interested in my visiting and describing their destinations and projects in a unique, distinct, professional British way! I write in English however I speak and read fluent German. I aim to write about unique experiences that my readers might want to explore as most of my readers tend to come from the US, the UK , Germany, Canada, Australia, France, Holland, other European countries & are between the ages of 25-55 years old with an income of …
  • Erez Agmon

    ITB Networker of Refundit
    PR, Marketing and Communication
  • AIC Service und Call Center GmbH

    VITAMIN C FOR YOUR CUSTOMER RELATIONS AIC is a multilingual customer service center located in Germany, which achieves higher customer satisfaction for its clients through outstanding integrative competence at increased cost efficiency. With 20 languages ​​AIC offers its clients worldwide standardization of customer service with quality "Made in Germany". The processing of large amounts of individual customer contacts via telephone, e-mail and Social Media has been perfected to the highest eff…
  • Jamie Andrew

    ITB Networker of Academic Experiences Abroad
  • Gloria Apara

    ITB Networker of The Nomadic Chica
    Travel Blogger/ Content Creator at NomadicChica.com
    Blogger, Director, Media
    Gloria, the NomadicChica, is a native of Santiago Chile. Growing up dreaming of travel and international exploration. Being a Physical Therapist by profession, Gloria set out to make her dreams come true and created NomadicChica to inspire others to travel and empower women travels with her knowledge. With more than 20 years of travel experience, having traveled through Asia, Europe, and South America, Gloria has a wealth of travel knowledge and experience to share. Nomadicchica.com is one…
  • Jacqueline Arlt

    ITB Networker of Arlt Reisen
  • Austrian Dinner Show

  • Henry Barchet

    ITB Networker of Audiotravels on iHeartRadio
    Radio Journalist, Travel Podcaster
    Destinations with storytelling potential Travel podcasts with story telling, radio features, audio-books, audio press kits, Spotify-Audio-Travel-Features (also available on iTunes, TuneIn and many more)
  • Proudphicha Barry

    ITB Networker of Cross Hotels and Resorts
    Group Director of Sales
    Director, Sales
  • Daniel Beath

    ITB Networker of Travelcoup AG
    Senior Product Manager
    We are looking to meet with tour operators offering half or full day tours. We do not deal with multi day tours or hotels.
  • Peter Becker

    ITB Networker of Tourismus Marketing Service International
    Selbstständiger Unternehmer, Teilhaber, freier Beruf = Consultant, Lecturer, Project manager
    Partner and cooperation, especially concerning - Teaching, training, further education (English and Spanish) - Consulting concerning destinations, enterprises, tour opoerators, travel agencies, hotels ... - International projects, worldwide More than 30 years experience in tourism and travel branch worldwide Special knowlegde in - Marketing (concerning Germany, European markets and worldwide) - Cultural tourism - Active tourism - Health and spa tourism International network on four…
  • Emily Beckmann

    ITB Networker of Gallery of Steel Figures Berlin, Roslin GmbH
    Managing Director
    Director, PR, Marketing and Communication
    Kooperationen, Touroperator Touristenattraktion & Eventlocation