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  • Andreas Ahrens

    ITB Networker of Disgusting Food Museum
    Museum director
    Director, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
    Tour operators and tourism agencies looking for interesting destinations in Sweden/Denmark area. I run the Disgusting Food Museum in Malmö, Sweden. The Disgusting Food Museum, 80 of the worlds most disgusting foods. Visitors can look, touch, smell and even taste some of the foods. It's a very interactive exhibit with a Net Promoter Score of 63.
  • Mr Gisle Dueland

    ITB Networker of Explorers Club SE
    Managing Director
    Airlines, Airports, Destinations, DMC, Hospitality Business Expertise in the Nordic market, Distribution, Marketing,
  • Hubert Sarnandt

    ITB Networker of Impulse 4 Development
    Business Development Manager
    Consultant, PR, Marketing and Communication
    Destination partners, companies, organizations and institutions. * Developing and realizing of urban investment projects and programs, involving infrastructure, environmental, residential and commercial sector. * Development and realization of projects in emerging and developing countries. * Sustainable Development * Destination Marketing
  • Chris Shadrin

    ITB Networker of VacAgent
    Business Development Manager
    Business Unit Manager
    Corporate Suppliers, Distribution Channels, Channel managers, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Property management companies, Vacation rentals suppliers One-of-a-kind B2B global distribution platform with free registration process. VacAgent created specifically for the travel agents, allowing them to book vacation rentals all around the world at the lowest rates. For property management companies VacAgent offers perfect possibilities to distribute their properties in B2B segment of the market.