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  • Emilija Fildishevska

    ITB Networker of Macedonia Travel
    Founder and Managing Director of Macedonia Travel
    Tour operators and Agencies interested to offer tailor made hiking, cycling, mountain biking and multi adventure tours in Macedonia and the Western Balkans. Real local experience: meet the locals, learn their traditions and music, taste their delicious homemade meals and experience their genuine hospitality. Help them grow their small businesses! Exploring the undiscovered Balkans: on foot, on a bike, on a horseback, kayak, or paraglider... Ancient Roman ruins, medieval villages, Byzantine te…
  • Jane Josifovski

    ITB Networker of Macedonia Experience
    Product Manager
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
    Outbound oriented tour operators based in Europe/North America/AUS/NZ/Japan/Taiwan/Japan/R.Korea/UAE/Qatar/Kuwait Full ground service for wide range of custom white-label tour products with different themes (adventure, culture, gastronomy) focused on Macedonia and the Balkans region.
  • Panagiotis Kolokathis

    ITB Networker of Park Hotel & Spa
    General Manager
    Director, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer, Sales
    Hotel; General Manager, Hospitality, Accommodation;
  • Daniel Medaroski

    ITB Networker of Experience Balkan MK
    Product manager
    Project Manager
    We are looking for partners, interested in selling our products and services. We offer complete travel services for Macedonia and the neighbouring Balkan countries.
  • Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Orange Hristina Petrushevska

    ITB Networker
    Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Orange