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  • Agentur Karl & Karl®

    ITB Berlin 2020
  • Sabine Bengtsson

    ITB Networker of Perlenfänger Naturtouren & Artenschutz / nature tours & species conservation
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
    Interesting cooperation partner, like natural, and environmental organizations, sustainable tourism organizations and tour operators, biologists, nature guides,... who share with us the the same philosophy and enthusiasm about respect for nature and wildlife. Very special, sustainable and unique nature trips, mostly with supporting a species conservation project. Perlenfaenger offers different nature tours doing with respect and only in very small groups (max 6-8 persons), conducted by competen…
  • Astrid Berndt

    ITB Networker of Lifestyle & Travel Guide
    Ich bin auf der Suche nach Kooperationspartner für gemeinsame Projekte: Destinationen, Reiseunternehmen, Anbieter von Kreuzfahrten, Pressereisen, Hotels, PR-Agenturen, Camper-Reisen, Blogger-Reisen, Blogger-Events, Fluggesellschaften und Anbieter von Reisegadgets und Testprodukten. Als Blogger bei Lifestyletravelguide biete ich authentische und spannende Erlebnisberichte und hilfreiche Reisetipps. Spezialgebiet Portugal und die Azoren.
  • Daniel Alexander Karl

    Contact person of Agentur Karl & Karl®
    Consultant, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer, PR, Marketing and Communication
    ITB Berlin 2020
  • Szymon Nitka

    ITB Networker of Znajkraj. Adventure travel blog
    Traveler, travel writer, adventure travel blogger
    Blogger, PR, Marketing and Communication, Media
    I am looking for regional tourism boards, destination marketing organizations and PR companies from around the world. I offer promotion of the tourist offer of a place, region or state in a well-chosen target group among active people, people interested in travel, especially cycling tourists. I run the Znajkraj travel blog, where I share stories about the most interesting cycling activities. I also manage a popular sightseeing profile on Instagram. I perform during National Geographic travel…
  • Vitalij Reidel

    ITB Networker of AVEO Technologies GmbH
    Managing Director
    Luxury hotels, cruises and adventure travel suppliers who offer their clients exclusive water sports activities. Exclusive electric surfboards for surfing on lakes, rivers and the sea. No waves needed! Also suitablle for absolute beginners as it is very easy to learn.
  • Nina Riemichen / Familienreiseblogger / Reiseblogger / Travel Blogger

    ITB Networker
    Blogger for family travels/ travelling with children / holiday with children on https://www.karl-reist.de
    Karl-reist.de is a german travel blog for families with detailed travel reports, in which we present countries, regions, cities, hotels and trips. We take our readers on our travels and let them participate in our experiences We are interested in every country and also love to explore destinations which are off the beaten path. Therefore we are looking for interesting cooperations and contacts for family travels, holiday with children, family holiday, travelling with children, familyhotels, c…
  • Mayra Vega Costa

    ITB Networker of MASGLOBAL
    Consultant, Director, Buyer