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ITB Berlin 2020


10 HaLapid
Petah Tikva 4925824


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Exhibitor profile

Travelor - Tourism's Social Revulotion

Welcome to Travelor!
Travelor is an online booking website for hotels around the world.
Our goal - reduce vacation prices for everyone.
Our way - use social power to promote our brand globally and reduce operational expenses.

Travelor is working in a one-of-a-kind concept, in which we operate thousands of Travel agents and affiliates around the world to promote our brand. Our agents help us get massive exposure across the globe. Travelor is proud to have the lowest commissions in the market taken from our customers. Combining our attractive rates and our extensive exposure, Travelor is growing at a spinning rate, allowing customers all around the world to get the best price for their vacations.

What can you have with Travelor?
You are welcome to enjoy the best rates for hotels around the world on our website.
Travel agents / bloggers / affiliates: You are welcome to learn how you too can work with Travelor, help expand our brand, and earn high commissions!
B2B supplier / BedBank: You are welcome to connect to Travelor as a supplier asap, so we can start using your rates too. We will offer the option to provide our prices to other bedbanks in mid-2019.
B2C companies and websites: You are welcome to contact us about connecting to Travelor by XML and use our rates. This option will be available in mid-2019.

Travelor is leading the Social Revolution in the tourism world, come and join us.
Because together - We can make the difference!