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Liechtenstein – 300 years of experience in enjoyment

2019 the Principality of Liechtenstein, a small state between Switzerland and Austria, celebrates his 300th birthday. The festivities already began on January 23rd, the founding date of Liechtenstein. The anniversary year is taken as an opportunity to launch new products for tourists that allow a glance behind the history of the principality. There couldn’t be a better time to get to know the small jewel, that is only 160 square kilometers big. In the valley along the sparkling river Rhine or up in the mountains close to the skies. Liechtenstein has it all: breathtaking alpine views, a lively cultural scene, lovely villages and outstanding culinary experiences. In Liechtenstein one can calm down, get to feel himself again and just enjoy life.

Liechtenstein is traditional yet modern, cosmopolitan, sporty and sensual. It’s the small things that cause relaxation and enjoyment. If you walk on Liechtenstein’s paths you’ll get to experience big things in a small space.

Celebrations during a whole year
300 years of Principality of Liechtenstein should not only be celebrated with a birthday cake, but also with cultural delights. During the whole year there will be several highlights that make a trip to Liechtenstein all the more worthwhile. The start of the cultural festivities was made at the end of February with the special exhibit «1719 – 300 years of Principality of Liechtenstein» at the national museum. Many highlights follow during the year and will end with the exhibition «Liechtenstein. The Future of the Past. A Dialogue among the Collections». Taking place in the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein it will feature exhibits from three collections: The state collection of Liechtenstein, the Hilti Art Foundation and the Princely Collections – a must see for all art enthusiasts.

Hiking the history of a country
Another highlight will be the opening of the «Liechtenstein Trail». The Trail leads through all 11 of Liechtenstein’s municipalities, past the most beautiful and fascinating places in the country as well as a starting point of the Via Alpina, while at the same time relating the history of the Principality with the help of an innovative app. One could say, the past is brought into the present with the technology of the future. Liechtenstein lives from its stories. The «LIstory» app takes up these stories and relates them to hikers at the respective locations. The app relates the history of the country in a lively and exciting manner, and is also likely to provide many long-standing Liechtensteiners with new background information and narratives. With its state-of-the-art augmented reality technology, the app also offers special insights into the past. Not only does it bring a former Roman Fort back to life, it will also enable tourists for the first time ever to get a glance inside Castle Vaduz. While guided tours and visits will still not be possible, a few rooms will be able to be entered virtually.

Exploring four countries
A historic discovery tour with a strong focus on the Princely Family offers an opportunity to not only get to know the history of the sixth smallest country in the world but will also follow the footsteps of the princes from Vienna to Liechtenstein. The trip offers the opportunity to visit the castles of the princes in the Czech Republic, taste the wines of the Princely Winery in Wilfersdorf and Vaduz and stroll through the halls of the ancestral castle of the Princely Family before travelling via Switzerland to Liechtenstein.

In short: the last monarchy in the alps is the perfect place for your very own princely moments.


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