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Sehit Fethi Bey No. 49/1
35210 Izmir

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IZKA(Izmir Development Agency) aiming to develop the touristic potential of Izmir,Turkey, provides a stand for the city. Accommodation facilities, travel agencies, convention&visitors bureau, chamber of commerce, provincial tourism boards will be represented at the stand.

Portrayed by 19th century French poet Victor Hugo as “princess”, İzmir (formerly known as Smyrna) is a rooted city that has once been inscribed on ancient coins and a young, dynamic metropolis simultaneously.

Leaning against 8,500 years of history and looking hundreds of years ahead, İzmir is gloriously situated on the western edge of Turkey, acting as the western port opening up to Europe. Warmed by soothing thermal waters of Balçova, adorned with Bird Paradise, generously sprinkled with architectural masterpieces, delicately framed with beautiful beaches, İzmir is one precious gem by the Aegean.

The Temple of Artemis, an actual Wonder of the Ancient World; Asclepion, the historical center of healing and the Temple of Zeus are just some. Festivals and exhibitions, fairs and conventions fill up İzmir’s calendar year around.

İzmir, undoubtedly owes much of its economic and social prowess to its location and climate, but even more so to its social mosaic that has allowed many cultures and civilizations to flourish over the centuries. Persians, Greeks, Assyrians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans are only a few of the dozens of civilizations that İzmir has hosted throughout its history.

İzmir takes pride in its multi-religious weave. In İzmir, several churches and synagogues are harmoniously intertwined with mosques and ancient houses of worship. Blessed with a great spot for fresh seafood, variety of vegetables and olive oils, the purest and simplest forms of culinary wonders make İzmir a destination for foodies, as well.

The Frontier City
The first parchment paper, the first temple of healing (The Asclepion built in honor of Asclepius, the God of healing), first use of herbal medicine, psychotherapy and natural therapy and the first Asian library of 200,000 volumes. The Iliad, among the oldest extant works of Western literature written by Homer was created in this land, not to mention the Lydians using the first coins and “creating” money!

Imagine this! A whole Christian world of billions of people, worshipping for over 2000 years around the globe. The first place of worship, the first Christian church mentioned in the Bible (7 Churches of Revelation) is in İzmir!

The Spiritual City
Truly majestical landmarks like the House of Virgin Mary, St. John’s Basilica and Tomb, The Seven Sleepers where seven Christian young people were left to die by Roman soldiers and Pergamon Church where St. John addressed the third of his letters in the Revelation make İzmir a holy land for Christians. The House of Virgin Mary, a Roman Catholic and Muslim shrine for many, is located on Mt. Koressos (Bülbül Dağı).The house was discovered in 19th century and today Catholics visit it based on the belief that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was taken to this stone house by St. John and lived there until her ascension.

The Seven Churches of the Apocalypse and The Seven Churches of Asia, are seven major churches of Early Christianity, as mentioned in the New Testament Book of Revelation and written to by Ignatius of Antioch. In Revelation, on the Greek island of Patmos, Jesus Christ instructs his servant St. John: “Write on a scroll what you see and send it to the seven churches: to Ephesus, and to Smyrna, and to Pergamos, and to Thyatira, and to Sardis, and to Philadelphia, and to Laodicea.”

The Sunshine City
With 629 km coastline along the Aegean, the sun shines in the perfect brightness and the wind blows in the ideal knot while the sand is in its most comfortable warmth in İzmir and its resort towns. Lined by one spectacular beach after another, summer tourism is a natural high; attracting not only thousands of local tourists from all cities in Turkey, but also windsurf lover

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