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ITB Networker

CHIMDEE Magsarjav

ITB Networker of

Travel Service Mongolia SINCE 2013

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CHIMDEE Magsarjav

I have traveled to many parts of the world for work and travel. Has practical experience in international tourism.Travel around the globe with annual natural attractions, explore new and unique destinations and organize new routes.
Adventure Travel


ITB Networker of Travel Service Mongolia SINCE 2013

3F, Ardchilaliin Urguu Building, Genden street

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Our company has been operating in the tourism industry since 2013, providing free of charge guides and applications with city and bus maps for tourists from abroad. Our company has been working with more than 400 tourist service companies of Ulaanbaatar for last 5 years. Since 2018 when Travel Service Mongolia has been licensed as tour operator company we started offering V.I.P. Taimen Fishing tours every year. Also we just signed the Agreement with Yukai Resort Company of Japan to start sending Mongolians to tourist destinations in Osaka and Wakayama province of Japan. Based on our previous experience, our company is expanding our tourist destinations inside Mongolia as well adding stops at most beautiful parts of the country to present in full great history, nomadic lifestyle, and unique wildlife and landscape. Travel Service Mongolia is preparing to take part in the “Visitor” category of the ITB International Tourism Fair on March 4, 5,6,7,8, in Berlin, Germany. We are looking forward to meet you at ITB International Expo so we can сreate new opportunities, exchange ideas and sign contracts for near future!


OUR VALUE:///ADVENTURE & FLY FISHING TAIMEN/// The highlight of our trip is the Full Fish Tour. There are 4 routes where you can go fishing and get to your destination, which is a very exciting adventure. The tulip lives in the freshest waters and is one of the most beautiful and jungle places in Mongolia. ///PHOTOGRAPHY & BIRD WATCHING/// It is our identity of travel. Who can imagine travel without pictures. We create “Photos of Mongolia”. Our photographic tours and expeditions bring you to Mongolia’s most extraordinary destinations in right times, led by professional photography guides who will inspire you. This is our value and what we do for photographers! CULTURE & HIKING MOUNTAIN It is our philosophy of travel. It can be said that meeting and staying with local nomads is the reason why culture travelers choose Mongolia. We spread “Culture of Mongolia”, the living heritages of our ancestors. Imagine visiting the world’s most hospitable people, the Mongolian nomads and experiencing their centuries old traditions, lifestyle and diverse ethnicity with local travel specialists who will educate you. This is our value and what we do for travelers!!


I am interested in companies which offer products and services in the following destinations:

Japan, Mongolia

Russian Federation