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Product description

The Cinnamon Group represents a vibrant new Sri Lanka, successfully competing with the world’s biggest brands. We combine a contemporary Sri Lankan outlook with world-class service, and modern conveniences with old-world charm to redefine the journey. The chain currently houses 14 properties, including 3 City Properties in Colombo, 8 Resorts around Sri Lanka and 3 Island Resorts in the Maldives. Each property comes with its own personality, presence and experience, but they all drive the same point home –Inspired Living.
The diversity of the Cinnamon way of doing things means we have unique experiences in each of the hotels from rooms on the beach to rooms in the ocean and views of the city, the jungle and horizons, so take your pick and we’ll deliver. We combine luxury with leisure and light-hearted fun for one-of-a-kind island adventures. There’s so much to see and plenty to do in our tropical corner of the world, so why not do it the Cinnamon way?
Our sister team over at Nature Trails create unique Cinnamon Experiences and have made us renowned for our signature excursions that create a stimulating journey for the explorer. Drive through the rugged roads of our national parks by four-wheel-drive and let the wind rush through your hair. Hike through tangled jungles and discover ancient ruins. Set out to sea on a whale-watching mission or maybe you could journey down the island’s longest river by boat and take in the sights around you. No matter what you choose, Sri Lanka is always happening and we have selected the best of the experience for you.

Adventure done, come sunset, there is no better way to unwind than in the comfort of our plush rooms. We embody rejuvenation with our soothing spas, ayurvedic treatment centres and unexpected spaces to relax found across all 14 destinations, putting out signature spin on things everywhere.

What does it take for an everyday experience and lifestyle to be far more vibrant and inspiring?That’s simple – it just takes a pinch of Cinnamon!

If you’re eager to explore our contemporary Sri Lankan offering, talk to our PR team and we’ll organize a special media familiarisation trip for you that will take you into the heart and soul of the Cinnamon experience.

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Maldives, Sri Lanka


Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts

Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts


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Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts is a diverse chain of Hotels in Sri Lanka and Maldives. The chain has a total of thirteen Hotels; two City properties in Colombo, eight Resort properties around Sri Lanka and three Resort properties in the Maldives. The Cinnamon brand represents a chain of modern hotels vibrant in color, indulgent in hospitality, and committed to going the extra mile to satisfy customer needs. Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts guarantees legendary Sri Lankan hospitality through comfort, creativity and discovery and inspired living. Each hotel has a unique character of its own derived from influence of background, locality, culture and traditions. From Jungle cabanas to city luxury, water villas in Maldives to Beach chalets in Sri Lanka, each resort will take you on a journey and discovery.

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