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  • Tour guide Marina Motovilova

    ITB Networker von Baltic Russia
    Administration, Geschäftsführer
    Outcoming tour agencies and tour operators for Russia and Baltic countries as well as cruise companies. AtoZ tours in Kaliningrad, Russia's enclave. Transfers from/to Poland and Lithuania to/from Kaliningrad. City and countryside package tours. Free Evisa to Kaliningrad for 53 countries. https://electronic-visa.kdmid.ru/klgd_country_en.html
  • Asim Medjedovic

    ITB Networker von Fibula Air Travel
  • Muhsin Rogaci

    ITB Networker von Hotel Gold
    Assistant General Manager
    Tour Operator, Travel Agencies, Conference and MICE Travel, Hotel Gold offers value for money and boast beautiful locations of Skopje, great service and top facilities as standards bringing experiential travel to a whole new level.
  • Dejan Petrusevski

    ITB Networker von Parkland Hospitality Group
    Sales Manager
    Tour Operator,Travel agencies ,Conference and Mice travel , Real point of hospitality for all our guests who travel and stay in Skopje, where we provide a pleasant stay tailored to their unique needs brought through our team and its helpfulness, the hotels location as well as its contents.
  • Olga Klyachina

    ITB Networker von Baltic Russia
    We are searching for business partners in Europe, USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia to organize group tours / private tours to Kaliningrad oblast, Russia's enclave, which is our beloved homeland. We are open to new contacts and would be happy to meet travel agencies/tour operators' representatives who would like to bring their tourists to the European part of Russia - Kaliningrad region. Why Kaliningrad region: - The most Beautiful Resorts on the Baltic Coast - The Biggest Shifti…