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8 Ergebnisse

  • Erdene-Ochir Adiyakhuu

    ITB Networker
    MSc Strategic Tourism Management Graduate Student & Marketer & Tour Guide
    I am looking for 4 to 6 months of Marketing related Internship at Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, and Cruise Lines who need a different way of thinking and mindset in their marketing strategy - available from May 2019 Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Visitor Satisfaction, Visitor Booking Journey, Tourism Management, CRM Find me on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/erdene-ochir/
  • Benjamin ATLANI

    ITB Networker von WideWebVR.com
    CEO WideWebVR
    People aren’t convinced anymore by brochures or sales speeches, they more and more want to see before they buy,…Here, VR plays an amazing role as a convincing tool…But some people can’t travel at all, so they find a fantastic new way to visit the world with VR. What about using VR to show activities around, when tourists are being there ? Some destinations do that and it works. After a year and half of R&D and collaboration with the best labs and experts, we are launching a new online tool to e…
  • Gregory Brenig

    ITB Networker von Claim Flight Refund
    Looking for FREE partnership with www.claimflightrefund.com. TURN A BAD TRAVEL EXPERIENCE INTO A SUCCESSFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE WHICH YOU WILL EARN MONEY FROM BECOME AN AFFILIATE FOR A WIN-WIN COOPERATION: Flight delays and cancellations may spoil your customers’ plans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. They may be entitled to a compensation from the airlines, and you can earn commissions from that extra superb service you’ll be offering them, ensuring customer retentio…
  • Lisa DUBOIS

    Geschäftsführerin Get to France Incoming
    Vereine, Reisebüros, Reiseveranstalter welche (massgeschneiderte) Gruppenreisen nach Frankreich planen. Wir arbeiten in allen Regionen Frankreichs! Wir stellen Ihnen die Gruppenreise Ihrer Wahl zusammen: Studienreisen, Gartenreisen, Kulturfahrten, Wanderreisen, Städtereisen, Vereinsreisen, Gemeindereisen, Ski Gruppenreisen oder Familienaufenthalte, Wein -und Gourmet Reisen, Musik- und Opernreisen, Agrarreisen, Single Reisen, Leserreisen, Klassenfahrten, Betriebsausflüge, Fahrradreisen, Skir…
  • Co-founder Danny Elbaz

    ITB Networker von CS group
    Business partners: Cycling tour operators interested to expand their offering with quality tours to Israel. Touring cycling tours in Israel. Creative leisure oriented packages enabling to taste the best of Israel. Self guided and all inclusive options.
  • CITYRIDE Amir Karlin

    ITB Networker von CITYRIDE- Worldwide Transportation Solution
    Business Development Manager
    Projektleiter, Vertrieb/Sales
    Business collaboration opportunities Worldwide transportation sloutions
  • founder yuval pinkas

    ITB Networker von my travel kids
    CEO, founder
    if one of your segment are families, I have a really unique and cute idea for branding, promoting and long-term marketing for you. A children's book (age 2 – 6) about staying in a hotel or flying aboard while on vacation. You can put your logo on the cover of the book, and on every page. It can be in any language. If you give some giveaways for your families customers, you can add or switch for this children's books.
  • Bruno Wolf

    ITB Networker von HHC - Bruno Wolf -
    Privathotels und kleine Hotelgruppen SEO, Social Media, Übersetzungen, CMS Pflege, Airbnb Betreuung des Objekts und Bearbeitung der mit der Vermietung verbundenen Korrespondenz