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3 Ergebnisse

  • Travel fair manager East-Switzerland Stephanie Müggler

    ITB Networker von Olma Messen St.Gallen
    Messeleiterin GRENZENLOS
    Aussteller, vorallem Ländervertretungen, für unsere Ferienmesse im Osten der Schweiz. B2C Ferienmesse mit sehr zahlungskräftigem, loyalem und interessiertem Publikum (www.grenzenlos-sg.ch)
  • CEO Izak Penso

    ITB Networker von Planetto - Mamriim Travel& Tourisn LTD
    New innovative apps & software to the use of the travel agencies Business collaboration with suppliers and travel agencies all over the world . Collaboration with travel agencies associations
  • founder yuval pinkas

    ITB Networker von my travel kids
    CEO, founder
    if one of your segment are families, I have a really unique and cute idea for branding, promoting and long-term marketing for you. A children's book (age 2 – 6) about staying in a hotel or flying aboard while on vacation. You can put your logo on the cover of the book, and on every page. It can be in any language. If you give some giveaways for your families customers, you can add or switch for this children's books.