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  • Johannes Crilly

    ITB Networker von Spherie UG
    Project Developer
    PR, Marketing und Kommunikation, Projektleiter, Vertrieb/Sales
    Tourism Boards Virtual Reality desitnation marketing plattform. Skyride is the next level in destination marketing in VR. Our unique solution let's viewers experience 3DOF content in with 6DOF. This is a whole new way to experience 360° film and to inspire your guests in a new level of immersion. If you are curious or having a hard time picturing that - let's get together at ITB so you can see for yourself how Skyride can set your content appart from the rest.
  • Liliana Geru

    ITB Networker von North Star Security Group
    Business Development Manager
    PR, Marketing und Kommunikation, Projektleiter
  • Simon Twe

    ITB Networker von SIMI.Global / Roundtrips.Global
    Founder of SIMI.Global / Product Manager of Roundtrips.Global
    Direktor, Projektleiter
    SIMI.Global, your marketplace connecting hotels to tour operators, is looking for hotel partners around the globe, searching for new business opportunities. Roundtrips.Global is an innovative company, constantly looking for hotel partners for our operations around the world. SIMI – Selected Independent Modern Innovative Understanding the challenges of the hotel industry, SIMI offers an easy and very cost-effective solution to generate new business. Our "Zero-Commission-Scheme" allows hotel…