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126 Ergebnisse

  • Ahmed Abdelwahab

    Ansprechpartner von Sudan Sudan Travel Agencies Sudan
    ITB Berlin 2020
    Invite tour operators and individuals to contact us for tours to Sudan
  • Elmakki travel tourism Agency

    Ansprechpartner von Sudan Sudan Travel Agencies Sudan
    Expedient, Projektmanagement
    ITB Berlin 2020
    one of the best travel agencies operating in sudan una de las mejores agencias de viajes en sudan diving - white life - camping - ancient monuments -
  • Awab Ahmed

    Ansprechpartner von Sudan Sudan Travel Agencies Sudan
    ITB Berlin 2020
  • Stephen Andrews

    ITB Networker von Ink
    Vice President, Travel Partnerships
    Direktor, PR, Marketing und Kommunikation, Presse
  • Dr Ari Andricopoulos

    ITB Networker
    Connections/Partnerships with travel tech companies and hotel organisations Connections/Partnerships with a different kind of revenue management software
  • Geh Mal Reisen • Ania Konieczko & Daniel Schlegel

    ITB Networker von Geh Mal Reisen
    Youtuber, Podcaster & Blogger
    • langfristige, ausgewählte Kooperationspartner, die uns bei Reisen & Projekten unterstützen (Destinationen, Hotels, Ausstatter, ...) und auf diese Weise regelmäßige, loyale Sichtbarkeit auf all unseren Kanälen genießen • kreative Kooperationen besonders im Video-/Youtube-Bereich (aber natürlich auch auf allen anderen Kanälen) • Reisen und Anbieter, die den Nachhaltigkeits-Gedanken unterstützen First things first: die Zahlen • über 21.000 Instagram Follower • über 20.000 Youtube-Abonne…
  • Gloria Apara

    ITB Networker von The Nomadic Chica
    Travel Blogger/ Content Creator at NomadicChica.com
    Blogger, Direktor, Presse
    Gloria, the NomadicChica, is a native of Santiago Chile. Growing up dreaming of travel and international exploration. Being a Physical Therapist by profession, Gloria set out to make her dreams come true and created NomadicChica to inspire others to travel and empower women travels with her knowledge. With more than 20 years of travel experience, having traveled through Asia, Europe, and South America, Gloria has a wealth of travel knowledge and experience to share. Nomadicchica.com is one…
  • Yanai Arfi

    ITB Networker von HERiTAGE tv
    CEO & Founder
    Bord of Tourism authority HERiTAGE TV is a worldwide broadcast TV channel focused on HERITAGE TOURISM. Our mission is to allow viewers to discover the world in 4K through Archaeology, History, Discovery, Heritage Tourism, Architecture, Culture… and much more. Indeed, HERiTAGE TV is 100% documentaries relating to the following themes: - World Heritage Sites - Sacred Sites - Historical Monuments - Old Towns … HERiTAGE TV is a breathtaking (in 4K) documentary film production, in 47 differe…
  • Marketing Manager Efthimis Athanasias

    ITB Networker von South Aegean Islands (Cyclades, Dodecanese)
    Project Manager
    PR, Marketing und Kommunikation, Projektmanagement
    As a tourism consulting company we represent some of the most popular destinations of the South Aegean like Ios Island, Naxos and Small Cyclades(Koufonisia, Schinoussa, Iraklia, Donoussa), Andros, Sifnos, Lipsi and Karpathos. The main purpose is to investigate the possibility of organizing a press trip with bloggers or journalists to the destinations above. It would be a pleasure to meet you at the Stand of the Region of South Aegean in order to discuss this possibility and a pottenial cooper…
  • Liesbeth Balthazar

    ITB Networker von Into the Sails
    tourism board, hotel, tourism organization interested in PR, marketing, trade promotion in the Benelux markets From the perspective of a broad experience, we are able to tailor a PR & marketing plan for every product and every segment.
  • Henry Barchet

    ITB Networker von Audiotravels on iHeartRadio
    Radio Travel Journalist, Travel Podcaster
    Destinations with storytelling potential Travel Content for iHeartRADIO and SPOTIFY , Travel- Podcasts, Audio Blogs, Radio travel features, Audio-Books, Audio Guides (also available on Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Google Podcasts and many more platforms)
  • Anna Bespalova

    ITB Networker von Profi Travel
    sales manager
    Presse, Projektmanagement
    Profi.Travel is the b2b media and educational web portal for travel agents of Russia and CIS. 20 years of successful experience in marketing and promoting all segments of tourism business. Professional audience: travel specialists with active sales behavior and different specification from large scale travel product to luxury and FIT segments. Geographical coverage - Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kirgizia, Georgia , Baltic countries. We can help you to promote your prod…