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  • Gloria Apara

    ITB Networker von The Nomadic Chica
    Travel Blogger/ Content Creator at NomadicChica.com
    Blogger, Direktor, Presse
    Gloria, the NomadicChica, is a native of Santiago Chile. Growing up dreaming of travel and international exploration. Being a Physical Therapist by profession, Gloria set out to make her dreams come true and created NomadicChica to inspire others to travel and empower women travels with her knowledge. With more than 20 years of travel experience, having traveled through Asia, Europe, and South America, Gloria has a wealth of travel knowledge and experience to share. Nomadicchica.com is one…
  • Henry Barchet

    ITB Networker von Audiotravels on iHeartRadio
    Radio Travel Journalist, Travel Podcaster
    Destinations with storytelling potential Travel Content for iHeartRADIO and SPOTIFY , Travel- Podcasts, Audio Blogs, Radio travel features, Audio-Books, Audio Guides (also available on Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Google Podcasts and many more platforms)

    Director-Global Advertising Partnerships
    Direktor, Presse, Vertrieb/Sales
  • Malte Clavin

    ITB Networker
    Reisejournalist, Herausgeber Chefredakteur
    PR, Marketing und Kommunikation, Presse
    Für meine Print Outlets (D, A, CH) sowie für das als Herausgeber/Chefredakteur Deutschland verantwortliche Abenteuer- & Reisemagazin WideOyster (>120.000 Abonnenten) suche ich faszinierende, herausfordernde Expeditionen, Abenteuer, Geschichten - weltweit. Ich biete Zugang zu Zehntausenden einkommensstarken abenteuerlustigen Lesern und Reiselustigen in der Schweiz, Deutschland, Österreich, Holland und Grossbritannien - die das wollen, was Sie anbieten.
  • MBA international Marketing Indrani Deogharia

    ITB Networker von Uttar Pradesh Tourism- Govt of India
    PR manager
    Berater, Bereichsleiter, Presse
    Adventure Tourism, Outbound travel Agent to India, Heritage Tour , Safari world Adventure Tourism, Wildlife Tourism, 7 wonders of World Taj Mahal, Religious Tour, Senior citizen Tour, Educational Tour
  • Travel Psychologist Francesca Di Pietro

    ITB Networker von Viaggiaredasoli.net
    Working with tourism board and travel brands that want to grow awareness in the Italian market. Professional travel blogger since 2012, first solo travel blog in Italy. One of the top 5 travel blogs in Italy: 145.000 monthly views. More than 137.000 social media followers between Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I'm also the admin of a Facebook Group of 127.000 mentioned by Forbes as one of the top 10 communities in Italy. I write about solo traveling, adventures, outdoor activities, wellness…
  • Breck Graham

    ITB Networker von Black and Paper
    PR, Marketing und Kommunikation, Presse
    Networking and Feature Opportunities. Fashion Weeks, Film and Cultural Festivals and events are great for us. I am looking for interesting destinations for features. I produce stories in many forms including videos, podcasts, and pictorials. We do not only post, we love to share honest experiences about travel.
  • José Gabriel Gutiérrez Lavin

    ITB Networker von Grupo Origen
    News Editor / Producer Grupo Origen
    Origen Group has been in the market for 7 years, starting as a radio station, today has 15 Radio stations throughout the country of Mexico, covering Quintana Roo, Mexico City, Jalisco, Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí, Zacatecas, among others, as well as a television channel called Turistik which promotes the different tourist destinations of Mexico, our television channel covers Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Campeche area. We also have commercial alliances with ETN Turistar, Viva Aerobus, and the perime…
  • Wibke Helfrich

    ITB Networker von wibkestravels
    Travel Journalist Foto/Film/Article & Blog
    Blogger, Presse
    My main interest are stories about adventures, outdoor, sustainable travel and & culture … so I am looking for inspiring destinations and people fitting those subjects. Ever since I can remember I have been traveling. Since 15 years I write, as a freelance journalist and photographer) travel stories for a variety of newspapers and magazines. I also have my own blog: www.wibkestraves.net and an Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/wibkestravels/).
  • Sascha Ihns

    ITB Networker von LuxSpots - Das Genuss- und Reiseportal
    Gründer | Kurator
    Blogger, Geschäftsführer, Presse
    Marketing-, PR- und Vertriebskontakte im Luxus-Reiseumfeld; Inhabergeführte Hotels und Resorts, Spa und Wellness, Gourmet und Kulinarik, Luxury Cruises, Golfreisen. Professioneller multimedialer Reisejournalismus, inkl. Text, Bild und Bewegtbild (Video). Know-how zu PR, Marketing, Webdesign, Social Media, TV-Redaktion, SEO, Online-Journalismus, Imagefilm, Social Videos.
  • Sheikh Imran

    ITB Networker von Travelkd.com
    Travel Blogger
    Blogger, Presse
    Tourism products marketing and travel tips
  • Ramon Lukkien

    ITB Networker von MakersCreators
    Founder & co-owner
    PR, Marketing und Kommunikation, Presse
    We are looking for brands who would like to grow with social media, influencer and content marketing. We do social media, influencer and content marketing for international travel and leisure brands.