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  • Altus

    Full Pricing Insight on the Performance of 130.000+ Routes Altus, the historical airfare data solution that enables you to fully understand the profitability of airline networks and gain pricing insight on the performance of 130.000+ routes. Being the world’s largest historical airfare database, Altus fuels the aviation industry with consistent and transparent information on how carriers are performing at the individual route and overall market level. By leveraging data insights, you can easil…
  • Channel Monitor

    Identify where, when and in what channels rate disparity issues arise Channel Monitor is your turnkey solution to establish a level playing field across all airfare distribution channels. Developed by our exclusive partner Air Cube, this proprietary tool employs Infare’s comprehensive airfare data to provide aggregated indicators of price disparity issues across your distribution channels. An intuitive cloud-based solution that identifies where, when and in what channels rate disparity issues a…
  • George de Bree

    ITB Networker von Global United Esales
  • Luz Fontanilla Panelo

    Ansprechpartner von Turtle Beach Resort
    Guest Relation Manager / Marketing
    looking for tour operators who may possibly become our partners that could offer our traditional Omani style resort we are offering special rate for those who visiting and meeting us in our stand during the ITB Berlin
  • Infare

    Infare is a leading data and technology company, providing global airlines and other travel industry players with meaningful competitive information converted into real-time pricing intelligence. Infare data delivers total market and customer insight with the most comprehensive dataset of current and past airfares, empowering our customers. The company is constantly innovating, and our vision is to provide a complete insight on all pricing components, to any channel, in a cost-effective way. Inf…
  • Pharos

    Total Market Insight for the Revenue Management Ecosystem Pharos is a game-changing pricing intelligence tool that allows you to harness the full power of Infare’s data – the most comprehensive, rigorously vetted and trusted source in the world. Pharos delivers complete market insight, from real-time snapshots to classic demand curve analysis, making it the key to more profitable revenue management strategies. Pharos significantly boosts carrier revenues by unlocking fare pricing opportunities…
  • Operations Manager Christin Reinhold

    ITB Networker von Hashtag Oman Tourism
    Operations Manager
    PR, Marketing und Kommunikation, Projektmanagement, Vertrieb/Sales
    Kontakte mit internationalen Reiseveranstaltern, um Geschäftsmöglichkeiten fuer Reisende nach Oman zu erweitern. Fuer die Destination Oman bieten wir maßgeschneiderte Reiserouten & Angebote für unsere individuellen Gäste und Gruppen. Wander- und Campingrouten, Reisen für besondere Interessengruppen MICE Sprachen, die unsere Mitarbeiter sprechen: Französisch, Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch, Arabisch, Suaheli
  • Turtle Beach Resort